What Will 4minute’s HyunA Look Like 10 Years from Now? Pictures Included

Many of us have pondered what we would look like “insert number of years here” from now in the past- or even now. We probably have wondered whether we’ll get taller, have better acne-free skin or have a body like the models when we’re old enough for college or if we can maintain our weight after marriage and even after having a baby. Well, enough about us. Have you ever wondered what 4minute’s HyunA might look like a decade from now?

Well, whether you’re interested or not, a highly observant netizen noticed that HyunA has an older doppelganger in none other than celebrity Ahn Sun Young. She’s a former comedian and is more known today as a tv personality. On October 31, an online community site featured a forum with the title “HyunA will look like this in 10 years? Looks 100% like Ahn Sun Young.”

So Soompiers, do you think that netizen is right? Will HyunA look like her in 10 years?

Try to guess which pictures are of HyunA and which are of Ahn Sun Young by clicking through the arrows on the picture!