miss A Looks Sexy in Black For “1st Look”

Girl group miss A has taken on a black “see-through” concept and posed for several shots for the fashion magazine “1st Look.” In the picture, all four members are present, and instead of the cutesy allure many girl idols tend to go for, miss A chose to present a masculine and classic look. Along with their well-groomed attire, the girls had a chic expression on their faces which emphasized their overall classy concept.

During the interview that followed the shooting session, they said, “Although we’re busy doing 3 to 4 tasks a day, weirdly, we’re not tired but having fun. Going on stage and singing and performing make us so much happier than resting at home.”

They added, “Many women seem to like and agree with our songs, and once, a female worker wrote that she was happy that she was able to say ‘Shut up boy’ to her general manager at an office get-together.”