[Ceci] Who’s the Costume Style King? Featuring SHINee’s Min Ho, Lee Jun Ki, Oh Ji Ho, Lee Min Ho, etc.

Different costumes like school uniforms, hanboks, doctor’s gowns or suits are part of a male protagonist’s charm within the drama. Which actor these days benefit from wearing the drama costume?

Click through the numbers below to see who won for each category as the best dressed!

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School Uniform Style
If there was a male uniform fetish, “To the Beautiful You” is a fantastic treat! SHINee’s Min Ho and Lee Hyun Woo will be a feast for the eyes. However, the “Yoon Yoon Jae effect” can’t be ignored. Many people might think what’s this 26 year old doing taking on a role of a high school boy. This season of life is the peak of rebellion, not just sweet. Seo In Gook comes back on screen perfectly portraying a tough and naive boy falling in love with the leading lady, melting the hearts of girls all around.

 Lee Hyun Woo: “To The Beautiful You” as Cha Eun Gyul

 Min Ho: “To the Beautiful You” as Kang Tae Joon

 Seo In Gook: “Answer Me 1997” as Yoon Yoon Jae

And the winner of the School Uniform contest is…

Seo In Gook!

Doctor Uniform Style
There are a lot of handsome doctors lately. First, surgeon Lee Sun Gyun looks sexy in the navy blue uniform. If the tv audience have eyes like an eagle, they would already have caught his sexiness. There’s also Ho Ya from “Answer Me 1997” as a doctor specializing in internal medicine. Oh Ji Ho is a doctor specializing in oriental medicine who looks decent in a blue gown.

Ho Ya: “Answer Me 1997” as Kang Jun Hee

 Oh Ji Ho: “3rd Hospital” as Kim Seung Hyun

 Lee Sun Gyun: “Golden Time” as Lee Min Woo

And the winner of the Doctor Uniform style is…

Lee Sun Gyun!

Hanbok Style
Hanbok (traditional Korean dress)’s main strength is that it filters the body. Whether if someone’s a little short, the costume will help make the shoulders look broader and manlier- like the “So Ji Sub effect.” Since the forehead is covered by the traditional hair wrap and the hat string hugs the face creating a “V line.” The hanbok makes Song Joong Ki and Im Si Wan more handsomely cute while Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Jun Ki look clean.

 Lee Min Ho: “Faith” as Choi Young

 Lee Jun Ki: “Arang and the Magistrate” as Eun Ho

And the battle of the Hanbok Style belongs to..

Lee Jun Ki!

Suit Style
These two men can qualify for GQ. “Five FingersJoo Ji Hoon is a genius pianist and “Haeundae LoversKim Kang Woo is a powerful lawyer. Joo Ji Hoon fits the dandy look his character portrays wearing perfectly suited suits. However, Kim Kang Woo traded in amazingly sleek suits to training suits after his character faced a car accident. But that’s not all! Joo Ji Hoon works it to the “T” by parting his hair.

 Joo Ji Hoon: “Five Fingers” as Yoo Ji Ho

 Kim Kang Woo: “Haeundae Lovers” as Lee Tae Sung

And the snazzy guy in the Suit Style is…

Joo Ji Hoon!

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