Top 10 Celebrity Quotes from October!

It’s already November, but before we welcome the new month, we wanted to look back at some of the most memorable celebrity quotes from last month! 

October was one of the busiest months this year with a lot of action happening here and there, and our favorite K-Pop celebrities made sure there was more action with their funny quotes! Some of the comments were not necessarily funny, but they did leave a strong impression – and we wanted to make sure Soompiers get to see them before we move on to next month!

Scroll through the list and don’t forget to let us know which comment you liked the most! Enjoy the list!


“I want to try sexier roles when I get older.” – miss A’s Suzy expressed her wish to try sexier roles in the future during a recent interview with Sports Seoul.


“I have thought of Jeon Hyosung before going to sleep.” – MBLAQ’s Mir reveals Secret’s Hyosung is his ideal type of woman. But after making that statement, Mir quickly took a step back and said, “I was simply thinking of a colleague before sleeping.”


“Because we caused so many problems earlier, we put even greater effort into our music to make up for it.” – Block B shared their feelings about their comeback in 8 months, the first since their controversial interview in Thailand last February.


“We miss him terribly already, but I think this might actually bring us closer together.” – Super Junior’s Siwon tells his honest feelings about Leeteuk’s enlistment!


“I want to say that I have dated without anyone knowing.” – DBSK’s Changmin reveals he was in a relationship without letting anyone know in the past!


“I’ve stolen from others, but I’ve never had my woman stolen from me.” – MBLAQ’s Seungho reveals he had stolen his friends’ girlfriends twice in the past!



“I want to receive love from the American fans singing a song with Korean lyrics.” – HyunA says she wants to win the hearts of her American fans with a Korean song, just like Psy did!


“For that friend to say that he’s going to get married- truthfully, I had a mental breakdown.” – Kim Jong Gook jokingly says Haha’s wedding is giving him a “mental breakdown.”


“Sometimes, I curse as well.” – miss A’s Suzy talked about her sleeping habits on SBS “Strong Heart.” She said it’s impossible to wake her up once she falls asleep. She said she often curses but doesn’t remember what she tells other people while asleep.


“Gangnam Style is very good. The Prime Minister and I danced Gangnam Style the other day, you will be shocked to discover.” – London Mayor Boris Johnson shows his love for PSY’s “Gangnam Style.” We knew “Gangnam Style” was popular, but didn’t it would get a mention at the Tory conference too!

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