Park Hae Jin Talks About His Return to the Small Screen

Park Hae Jin recently sat down with SBS E! News to talk about his latest KBS drama, “My daughter Seo Young” where he plays the role of Lee Sang Woo, Seo Young’s twin brother.The drama already boasts a viewership rating of 30 percent, attesting to its popularity. 

Interviewer: You must be enthralled that your drama has such high viewership ratings.

Park Hae Jin: I always get nervous before the viewership ratings are announced every Sunday and Wednesday morning. It has always been my goal to reach 40 percent, ever since I experienced a 40 percent viewership rating for “Seven Princesses.” (Laughs) So this time I am hoping for the same great response to the drama since we have such a great team dynamic for “My daughter Seo Young.”

Interviewer: It must have been hard for you to return to the small screen after dealing with false accusations. Did you have any concerns while filming for this drama?

Park Hae Jin: To be honest, I was worried about whether taking on this drama would just become a burden for me with the likelihood that there would be rumors and baseless talk starting up again. But thankfully, I had so many supporters. After taking a three year hiatus, I was excited to work with the lights, camera and make-up team once more. 

Interviewer: After waiting three years to return to the small screen, you must be curious about what the viewers and netizens have to say about it. Some celebrities cannot handle the comments that are posted about them and hardly frequent the online forums regarding them and their work. But you, Park Hae Jin, are known for wanting the favorable and unfavorable criticism. 

Park Hae Jin: The comments I have been receiving online these days have been of high quality. They are systematic and logical in their suggestions to help improve my acting as Lee Sang Woo. Some have praised my interpretation of Lee Sang Woo’s character and how it made them feel. I make sure to seek out unfavorable criticism of my portrayal of my character as well because I know that it will help me become a better actor. 

Interviewer: Many would consider you to be a naturally popular person, but there’s been rumors that you’re like to keep to yourself.

Park Hae Jin: If you don’t know me every well, you might think that I am not open to meeting new people. But I have not seen that rumor as a terrible one. Because if people know you’re a sharp one, they’ll be more careful in how they approach you. After working in the biz for so long, I realized that hearing from others that you’re a kind person is not necessarily a good thing. Plus, even if people think you are hard to get close to- you’re still bound to make close friends. If you can break down those walls, I think you get to become closer friends. 

Interviewer: So the truth is that Park Hae Jin is actually a friendly person towards most people.

Park Hae Jin: I would say I am the type that love to give presents. I would give anything to the people closest to me that I treasure most. I think my future girlfriend would feel a bit jealous knowing that know matter whether those people I cherished were male or female, I would still buy them a pair of nice shoes. 

Interviewer: You’re at that ripe, perfect age for dating. It’s hard to believe you’re not out there getting some face time with some ladies. 

Park Hae Jin: It has been about three years since I have dated anyone. My ideal type is Jun Mi Sun. She has a wonderful personality and she seems level-headed. This past Chuseok my mother and I went to go see her musical, “My Mother.

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