Girls’ Generation Goes Out for Drinks, Except for Seohyun?

A picture of girl group “Girls’ Generation” on their night out has been released.

Recently on an online community bulletin board, a picture under the title of “‘Girls’ Generation’ having couple of drinks” was uploaded.

In the photo are all the members of the “Girls’ Generation.” However, Seohyun who is well-known for her good moral lifestyle is curiously missing in the picture. The rest of the members are sitting in what looks like a bar. They seem to be drinking cocktails and wine.

Fans who saw this picture asked, “I wonder what their drinking capacities are,” “I wish I was there,” “Where is Seohyun?”

Meanwhile, “Girls’ Generation” will be releasing their sixth Japanese single album “Flower Power” on November 16. Their music video and dance version music video for the song were released yesterday.