15& Talks About Working As a Duo and Their Debut in Recent Interview with SBS E!

The two fifteen year old talented vocalists of 15&, Park Jimin and Baek Yerin recently gave an interview with SBS E! news. They are currently promoting their single, “I Dream” which is a song that talks about the challenges the girls have had to overcome to get to debut as singers. The adorable pair were excited to share about their entire experience has new artists. 

Q: It must have hit you both by now that you have both made your debut as singers.

Jimin: “Oh yeah. Especially when we go to practice at JYP Entertainment, the senior artists there acknowledge us as one of their own so it can be a nerve-wracking but exciting whenever we meet them.”

Yerin: “I don’t think it has sunk in for me yet. I have not really felt a huge shift or transition take place.”

Q: You both probably did not think you were going to be debuting together as 15&. What were your first impressions of each other before you were paired together? 

Jimin: After I signed up with JYP Entertainment, I spent one month adapting to everything. Then Park Jin Young gave me a call one day saying, “I want you to meet another girl your age who was also a successful singing contestant who can relate to what you’ve gone through. I think you guys would be great friends.” I did not know what Yerin looked like, so I was grateful for when she approached me and we quickly became friends.

Yerin: We would eat meals together, sing together and found that we indeed have a lot in common.

Q: It has been a while since we’ve seen a female singing duo.

 Yerin: When I first discovered that I would be part of a singing duo and not a dance group, I was so relieved. That way, I feel everyone can focus on our singing ability and our expression of the lyrics. I hope we will be able to branch out and sing songs of different genres instead of staying with one.

Q: After your debut, you both must be spending your happiest moments together. Name a time that you considered to be your happiest moment since. 

Yerin: I have been a trainee for five years. I was terribly shy when performing before people, so no matter how much I practiced, there was a time where I just failed to improve. Although I considered giving up many times, I am glad I stuck it out. I am living my dream because I can sing songs that I have always wanted to sing.

Jimin: I think it is so unreal that I am signed to an entertainment agency here in Korea

Q: Park Jimin, you single-handedly impressed many viewers and people in the music industry with your breathtaking performances in SBS K-Pop Star Audition. Are you starting to feel the pressure of everyone’s expectations after winning first place? There have also been rapid debuts of artists who participated in the same show as you, has there been a sense of rivalry between you all? And Baek Yerin, you have been considered a singing prodigy since you appeared on SBS “Star King.” 

 Jimin: My experience with SBS K-Pop Star Audition really helped me with preparing for my debut. I definitely feel the pressure and the eyes of everyone on me. Although I have competed with others before with my singing ability, I no longer wish to do that. The reason for that is because I think I would become depressed if I started to view others as my rival. My greatest desire is that everyone would be able to recognize and love all of our respective personalities and styles. 

Yerin: “To be considered as two female vocal geniuses is a bit burdensome. We feel we will have to work hard in order to live up to the expectations that have been placed on us.”

Q: Is it fun being able to work with someone who is the same age as you? 

Yerin: “We love to go shopping and trying on make-up. We also love to draw together.”

Jimin: “We love to dress up and go swimming. We love to fix each other’s hair and give each other manicures.”

Q: Where do see yourselves five years from now, as twenty year olds?

Jimin: “I think I will still be performing as a singer at that age. I hope to be able to sing in other countries by then. I also look forward to try my hand at acting, composing music and writing lyrics.”

Yerin: “I think I will also be performing as a singer five years from now and if the opportunity allows it, I’d love to go ahead and study costume and wardrobe.”

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