Kim Jong Gook Has a “Mosquito Voice” Because He Drank Mosquito Repellent?

On Novemeber 1, Kim Jong Gook revealed the story behind his nickname “mosquito voice” on the broadcast of KBS2Happy Together 3.

He stated, “When I was younger, I drank an entire bottle of mosquito repellent thinking it was juice. My mother told me that after I had my stomach pumped, my voice has been this way ever since. But the name ‘mosquito voice’ really stuck after Yoo Jae Suk brought it up as an MC of the program ‘X man‘ we used to do together.” 

MC Yoo Jae Suk chimed in with, “It all came to me when Kim Jong Gook was in the room beside me and I thought I heard a mosquito buzzing around. So I opened the door of the room next to me and found it was Kim Jong Gook’s singing, not a mosquito!” causing the room to erupt with laughter. 

On this episode, Kim Jong Gook, Kim Yeon Woo, K.Will, Hu Gak and Jung Tae Ho made guest appearances.