YG on Psy’s New US Single: “It’s Going to Be Better than ‘Gangnam Style'”

Rising world star, PSY of “Gangnam Style” is on the works with releasing an American hit track. Recently, he has been busy promoting and preparing its release on November 20.

YG Entertainment‘s CEO/Producer Yang Hyun Suk was the first to praise the song, “I have listened to the American track PSY has been working on and it sounds amazing. Although this is my personal opinion, I think it could very well surpass the popularity of “Gangnam Style.” 

PSY recently told CNN in an interview, “The new track will contain a mix of Korean and English lyrics.” He has stated that the production of the song will be done carefully, without rushing – even if its release date gets pushed back to next year. 

Yang Hyun Suk also said this, “Although he initially planned to release a new album this November, because of the skyrocketing popularity of ‘Gangnam Style’, we are in the midst of changing our plans. We’ll also be closely examining the harmony of English and Korean lyrics for PSY’s new track, constantly revising it to ensure that they compliment one another.”