miss A’s “I Don’t Need a Man” Chinese Version MV Released

miss A released the Chinese version of “I Don’t Need a Man” music video!

The latest miss A’s mini album “Independent Women Part III” was greatly inspired by Destiny’s Child. The storyline of the title song has miss A saying “no” to superficial items such as car, jewelry and men. On the beginning of the song miss A narrates, “This is for all the independent ladies.”

The song’s lyrics carry significant meanings and stands against conservative thoughts. It denotes that women are capable of taking care of themselves and that more women should work hard to earn. An ideal married woman is to have a high-waged husband and live in life of joy. On the other hand, “I Don’t Need a Man” shifted the aspect of idealization. The whole idea is to love yourself and value your life by living hard.

Anyways, without further ado, check out the Chinese version of “I Don’t Need a Man” below!