Kwanghee Gifts Sunhwa with a Bag on “We Got Married”

With their unique pretend marriage, Secret’s Han Sunhwa and ZE:A’s Kwanghee are getting a lot of attention in MBC’s “We Got Married (aka WGM).”

Recently, Kwanghee showed off his romantic side by creating a surprise event for Sunhwa’s birthday. He gifted her with a handbag he selected personally, impressing Sunhwa.

To surprise her, Kwanghee first suggested that Sunhwa should practice her parking. Then, in the car, he told Sunhwa that he heard a funny noise in the trunk. When they opened the trunk of the car, there was Kwanghee’s present in a box.

The handbag was bright red with a chain strap. It was a lovely and casual bag that would suit Sunhwa’s style. It was also very practical, which attracted a lot of attention from the viewers.

An official from this handbag brand stated, “A lot of women prefer to receive handbag as a birthday gift. After this episode aired, there was a lot of inquires about this particular model.”

Meanwhile, the next episode of WGM is to be aired in November 3 at 5:10PM.