NS Yoon-G and Jay Park’s Stage Performance Stirs Controversy

Ns Yoon-G has recently given a sexy come back performance, which was criticized by netizens.

NS Yoon-G came back with her new single, “If You Love Me” on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on November 1. NS Yoon-G’s “If You Love Me” features Jay Park as he lends his voice for the rap parts. Jay Park joined NS Yoon-G on stage for her come back for a sexy and provocative performance. However, upon viewing their performance, netizens began to post criticisms, saying that it was too sexual.

During the performance. NS Yoon-G and Jay Park proceeded to dance together. During the chorus part of the song, Jay Park went behind NS Yoon-G as both of the artists danced a sexy wave dance. Netizens voiced that the dance was too suggestive, especially with NS Yoon-G’s short hot pants and Jay Park’s hip “thrust” moves.

NS Yoon-G’s agency spoke, “NS Yoon-G’s new track, ‘If You Love Me’ is a love song between a girl and a guy. People are saying it’s too suggestive but if they view it as a performance to emphasize the meaning of the music, perhaps their criticisms will die down.”

What do you think, Soompiers? Are the netizens overreacting once again?