B.A.P. Young Jae’s Face is Smaller Than a Hamburger?!

B.A.P‘s main vocal Young Jae has shown off his small face by covering it with a hamburger!

On November 1, Young Jae posted on his Twitter, “Mmhaha. American Hamburger,” along with a set of photos.

Young Jae received a lot of attention in the past for resembling actor Yoo Seung Ho and having a face with “golden proportions.” In the photo, Young Jae holds up a hamburger and it does indeed completely cover his eyes, nose and mouth, proving that his face is tiny.

This photo was taken when B.A.P traveled to the US to attend K-CON 2012. The photo was shown during a B.A.P. fan meeting that was held last week. Fellow member Him Chan playfully showed his jealousy toward Young Jae’s small face by proclaiming, “Well, I can cover my face with a pizza too!”

Even before an hour passed since Young Jae tweeted the photos, over 2,000 replies were made such as “The finisher of small faces,” “Oppa you have golden proportions,” “Oppa, your face gave shame to the hamburger,” “Your face is so small,” “You’re better looking than the hamburger,” and more.

B.A.P held a ceremony to celebrate the creation of their official fan club where over 4,000 fans attended. They are actively promoting their third single album with the track, “Stop It.”