Girls’ Generation Accused of Plagiarizing Airline Advertisements

Girl group “Girls’ Generation’s” teaser posters are being accused of plagiarism. On November 1, “Girls’ Generation” released four teaser images for their second Japanese album “Girls’ Generation II Girls & Peace”, which is to be released on November 28. In the released pictures are the members in flight attendant uniforms showing off their signature long legs.

Some of the male fans who saw these pictures showed huge interest in buying this album as soon as it is available. These pictures are spreading fast among the fans in Korea and Japan. As these teaser images received more and more attention, an article accusing this group of plagiarizing an American airline advertisement was posted on an internet community bulletin.

According to this article, the uniforms and the standing poses on the airplane stairs are too similar to those by the flight attendants that appear in 1971 American Southwest Airlines poster. The image where “Girls’ Generation’s” members pose on the airplane wing appears to resemble the poster by American PSA Airlines in 1962.

Even the uniforms are very similar. On one image, the “Girls’ Generation’s” members are in Southwest Airline uniforms but posing like the PSA Airlines flight attendants.

Netizens commented, “It’s crazy. It’s definitely plagiarism,” “This doesn’t look good,” “I can’t believe SM Entertainment would copy other company’s work. It’s probably just a parody.”