Latest Photo of Super Junior’s Leeteuk in the Army Surfaces!

Idol group “Super Junior’s” member Leeteuk (29) is now in training to become an official army soldier.

On November 2 on the 306th Army Reserve Internet Café, a picture of Leeteuk in the army was uploaded.

In the picture are Leeteuk and his fellow trainees in their uniforms. They are smiling brightly towards the camera and are doing “Super Junior’s” signature greeting pose. Though he entered the military service at an older age than most men, Leeteuk appears to be adjusting well probably due to his unique friendliness. He is also looking manly in his uniform.

Leeteuk entered the Kyung-Gi 306th Army Reserve on October 30. After eight weeks of basic training, he will be completing 21 months of mandatory military service.

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