Lee Juk and miss A’s Suzy to Host “College Music Festival”

Solo singer Lee Juk and Miss A’s Suzy will be hosting MBC “College Music Festival.”

From 2003 to 2011, Lee Hyori has been the main female host of the program. Because Lee Hyori has been hosting the program for nine years, she stands as the icon of “College Music Festival.” However, Suzy has been selected for the MC in 2012.

The insider of “College Music Festival” complimented Lee Juk and Suzy on their good teamwork, “New MCs are doing better than we expected. Even the production staffs are very satisfied.”

The staff continued, “Upon the selection of our MCs, Lee Juk was selected because he is a talented and humorous singer. For female MC, Suzy was the female celebrity that people voted on the most as a host. Both singers accepted the offer gladly.”

“College Music Festival” will be on air on November 8 at 11:15PM.