Song Joong Ki Adores His Sister Lee Yoo Bi

KBS 2TVNice Guy” presented offset clips of Song Joong Ki on its official page. On October 30, the making films of the drama showed Song Joong Ki adoring his onset sister Lee Yoo Bi. In one of the clips, he squeezed Lee Yoo Bi’s two cheeks with his hands and burst into laughter.

On the second clip, Song Joong Ki told Lee Yoo Bi to ignore him and concentrate on rehearsing. He also said the sweetest words, “You know I love you.” The actor brings a bag of chips and hands it over to his drama sister. In other footage, Song Joong Ki shares his lunch with Lee Yoo Bi.

Netizens commented on the revealed clips, “They look like real siblings,” “They are so cute!” “Song Joong Ki is like a little child. He is so cute!” and “I am jealous. I want to be his sister!”