The Members of SHINHWA Try To Act Evil

The members of SHINHWA will be taught how to successfully take on villan roles through lessons taught by villain-role specialists, actors Jung Ho Geun and Jung Kyoung Ho.

Aside from Shin Hye Sung, all of the members have some acting experiences through their involvements in sitcoms, dramas, and movies. On this day, the members took off their comical acts and expressions, and instead seriously took on learning to act villain-like.

The members were jealous of Eric and Kim Dong Wan who had the most acting experiences out of all of them. Lee Min Woo was praised by Jung Ho Geun who approved of his acting skills told him that he could properly start acting.

Nevertheless, the members of SHINHWA could not help but feel embarrassed when they saw each other acting, an aspect they were not really use to seeing. Shin Hye Sung was especially shy as he was the most inexperienced one and said, “This is the hardest shooting.”

The show will be televised on the 4th.