John Park Makes Racy Thoughts

Singer John Park made a shocking confession that he makes racy thoughts.

SBS Radio Power FM (107.7MHz) “Two O’clock Escape Cultwo Show” featured John Park and Miss A on November 1. The recent confession of the singer became the issue. John Park stated that he thinks of racy images when he feels lonely.

The hosts, Cultwo asked the singer if he really does think of sexy thoughts. John Park nodded and replied, “I made an honest statement in the past but it has been exaggerated. That wasn’t my intention!”

Cultwo encouraged John Park, “That is okay. We understand you. If you are a male, you must!” Cultwo’s encouragement made everyone laugh.

Netizens commented, “We also understand you John Park!” “It was very honest of you,” “John Park is so cute” and “John Park needs a girlfriend!”