New Stills of A Pink’s Son Na Eun in “Childless Comfort” Released

New stills of A Pink‘s Son Na Eun as a cute cafe waitress in the upcoming drama, “Childless Comfort” have been released.

Son Na Eun appears for the first time in the third episode of “Childless Comfort” as Oh Soo Mi, a bright and optimistic third year high school student.

Eyes were drawn to Son Na Eun’s perfect transformation into a cafe waitress. She sports a white shirt with a checkered bow tie and black apron. Even in her waitress apparel, her beauty certainly shines. She is receiving a lot of praise already for exuding that bright and energetic aura as a part-time waitress, who is trying to make it in the busy city of Seoul.

Son Na Eun is expected to be in a young and fresh love line with Lee Do Young, who is also a cafe worker. At first, Lee Do Young is taken aback at Son Na Eun’s bouncy and unpredictable personality but his bewilderment soon turns into affection in the drama.

Son Na Eun’s first scene as a cafe waitress was filmed on October 17. Filming started from 8:30 AM and lasted until 5:00 PM for a total of about eight hours. But despite the long hours, Son Na Eun was said to be bright and lively the entire time. It was said that her and Lee Do Young practiced their lines at each chance they got in order to create a more perfect scene.

The staff members stated, “Son Na Eun is showing a lot of energy in order to make a strong transformation into an actress.” The episode of “Childless Comfort” where Son Na Eun will be making her appearance as a cafe waitress will air on November 4.