Teen Top Reveals Graduation Photos and Report Cards

Idol group Teen Top revealed their graduation pictures and their report cards on their show, “Teen Top & 100% Rising Brothers” on the November 2 broadcast.

In the program, to be chosen as Teen Top’s “Smart Man” each member had to reveal his graduation (In Korea students have graduation photos for kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school) photos and their report cards.

Most notably, member L. Joe revealed his “honor student award” to everyone’s surprise. In disbelief the other members and the MC Kim Tae Hyun tested him on the spot in a segment they created called, “LJinYo (We Damand Truth From L. Joe)” (as a parody of “TaJinYo,” the group that accused Tablo of faking his Stanford graduation).

All the pictures from their childhoods were adorable and hardly embarrassing, proving that Teen Top full deserves the title, “Flower Boy Honor Students.”