BoA Compliments “Wolf Boy’s” Song Joong Ki?

Singer BoA made a comment that most likely refers to the new movie, “Wolf Boy.”

On her Twitter on November 3, BoA left a message, “If there really were wolf boys like him, I would love to raise 10 of them. So Cool. I can’t wait.”

Recently, the film “Wolf Boy” has become extremely popular. Therefore even though BoA hasn’t specifically mentioned the name, Netizens are assuming that she is complimenting the actor Song Joong Ki in this movie.

The fans replied, “A wolf boy like Song Joong Ki… I would definitely love to raise one myself,” “Have you seen the movie yet?” “What are you waiting for?” “I cried so hard while watching the movie.”

Meanwhile on November 4, it was announced that “Wolf Boy” has sold 418,938 tickets on November 3 alone, and has so far sold total 876,145 tickets.