Lee Ha Yi Doesn’t Want to Meet Big Bang’s T.O.P?

Solo singer Lee Ha Yi has been telling that Big Bang’s rapper T.O.P is her ideal type of man. During her open auditions on SBS “K-Pop Star,” meeting T.O.P was one of her biggest dreams. But now that she has the same agency with Big Bang, she says she doesn’t want to meet with T.O.P in person!

Lee Ha Yi revealed that T.O.P has trained her on rapping since her contract with YG Entertainment, but they actually have never met in person. She said, “I would still pick T.O.P as my ideal type of man, but I would be so nervous if I see him for real. So, it is better not to meet him face to face at least for now…”

Lee Ha Yi made her debut on November 4 through SBS “Ingikayo” with her first single, “1,2,3,4.