Singer Lee So Eun Passes the American Bar Exam

Singer Lee So Eun has passed the American bar exam. On her Twitter on November 2, Lee So Eun uploaded a photo along with a message, “I was taking refuge at my sister’s home from the storm Sandy when I received good news. I passed the bar exam!!!” In the picture is Lee So Eun in a strapless dress and looking lovely. She is smiling with a glass of wine to congratulate herself on her success.

Lee So Eun entered the Northwestern University Law School in 2009 and received her law degree in May 2012. She has then taken the American bar exam and passed.

Netizens who heard the news praised, “She is awesome. I am so envious. Congratulations,” “That is so great,” “You are so cool,” “She has everything now,” “She is now both a lawyer and a singer!”