Former After School Member Kahi Shows off Her Adorable Cat

Former After School member Kahi recently introduced her Twitter followers to her adorable cat. 

In the photo, the seemingly bored feline is held snug to Kahi’s beaming face. Her adorable smile and dimples stole the spotlight as fans marveled over the details of her face that were now visible with the photo taken up close. Despite being 33 years old, Kahi’s lovely rosy skin complexion makes her appear much more youthful. Even without the help of stage make up, Kahi boasts a naturally beautiful face that is envied and admired by many for her v-shaped jaw line and almond-shaped eyes. 

Netizens commented on the photo with, “Kahi, your beauty does not fade with time,” “Please come back soon and show us your robust and exciting performances once more,” and “It would be great to just know how you’re doing every once in a while. Please post often and update us on what’s new with you!”

After graduating and moving on from her member activities with After School, word of mouth is that ever since June Kahi has been busy preparing for her solo album release and debut as an actress.