Kang Hye Jung and Tablo Fight As a Couple Sometimes

Actress Kang Hye Jung recently made an appearance on SBS TV‘s “Healing Camp” where she made honest confessions about her marriage to Tablo.

“When I get into arguments with Tablo, I tend to have a fiery character,” she admitted, surprising the MCs of the show. She added, “It tends to get heated between Tablo and I especially when we’re discussing our living situation.”

 Responses from netizens varied from, “I wonder why Kang Hye Jung recently decided to open up about having couple fights with Tablo. Maybe they fought recently”, “Wow, I guess celebrities are also affected by issues that affect every couple” and “I always knew Kang Hye Jung would have a fiery character.”

Tablo also had the chance to talk on the show about trials he’s had to face, such as having the electricity go out and his wife not voice a single complaint- which ultimately brought them closer together. He also gave examples of how strong of a woman his wife truly is and how blessed he feels for having her by his side.