Suzy and IU Reveal What They Talk About in Their Secret Outings

Suzy and IU recently spilled the beans on what they talk about in their secret outings. 

On an episode of MBC’s “Section TV Celebrity Report,” miss A‘s Suzy was asked about what she and IU would discuss when they met up, as captured on the photos uploaded by the paparazzi of the two having dinner or lunch together at a restaurant. 

The photos of the two beloved female starlets having meals together have surfaced in community forums as a subject of hot interest. The question popping up in everyone’s minds appeared to be, “Why are those two meeting each other secretly?”

Well it was apparent that the media decided to delve into the matter and Suzy responded with, “When we meet up we like to ask each other how we’re doing and share about our recent struggles. And of course, we also like to talk about guys.” However, Suzy did not go into detail about whom those conversations were about, leaving netizens to make their own conclusions.