YoonA’s Close Up Selcas Show Flawless Beauty

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA shared some close-up selcas that highlighted her flawless goddess-like beauty.

A post was made on an online community forum titled, “YoonA Changes Her UFO Town Profile Picture. Flawless Beauty Even Up Close,” along with the set of selcas.

YoonA has recently changed her profile picture for the social networking system, UFO Town. YoonA gets up close and personal in the set of selcas as she poses with a variety of poses. She pouts, smiles and frowns to her fans’ delight. Even though the selcas were taken extremely up close, netizens exclaimed about YoonA’s flawless beauty such as her white skin and her doe-like eyes.

Netizens made comments like, “YoonA, you are really flawless,” “How can you have such amazing skin?” “I can’t say anything but you are really pretty,” “Aigoo, so cute,” “There’s a reason why people call YoonA a goddess,” “Here comes the flower doe,” and many more.

Meanwhile, YoonA was recently involved in a scandal with world star PSY.