Kara’s Gyuri Shows Off Her AniPang Score

Kara‘s Gyuri posted on her twitter on November 4, “I was originally not interested in the ‘2012 AniPang Celebrity Championship,’ but I think I was talking about my feelings on winning the competition in my dream… I was going to reveal my score on the last day of the competition, but since people know about it already… Here it is! Do I look like I have too much free time?”

AniPang is a puzzle game that has recently topped mobile games charts in Korea. 

Along with the comment, Gyuri uploaded a picture of herself showing her AniPang score, which read 734,359. Shortly after her initial tweet, Gyuri added on twitter again, “It’s not what it looks like, I don’t have much free time! When I walk up and checked my Kakao Talk in the morning, I had a message telling me, ‘Nicole beat your score,’ so I was motivated and just kept playing, focused and giving more effort into it, for approximately 30 minutes and this happened…Just leeting you know, I captured that screen right when I beat Nicole’s score. The score ‘530 thousand-something’ showing below mine is Nicole. Cole, I love you a lot, you know that, right?”

As Gyuri pointed out, one can easily see that Nicole has scored 532,518 on AniPang so far, ranked at the third place on Gyuri’s friend-list. Netizens commented, “How do you score something like 730,000?” “Who’s at the first place?” and “Gyuri’s a game master!” 

Meanwhile, “2012 AniPang Celebrity Championship” will start on November 19 and last until December 19. Upon the end of the competition, there will be an award ceremony. The winner of the championship will receive one hundred million hearts on AniPang along with many other prizes. All participating celebrities will be receiving AniPang’s character t-shirts and other goods.