Dal Shabet’s Soobin Receive Acceptance from Two Universities

Dal Shabet‘s youngest member Soobin has been accepted by Konkuk University and Dong Duck Women’s University through their early rolling admission. Soobin is now eligible to enroll at Konkuk University as a Film major or Dong Duck Women’s University as Broadcasting Entertainment major, starting in 2013 school year. Konkuk University’s Film major program attracted 1768 applicants while only accepting 14. Soobin has been picked to be one of the lucky 14.

A representative from Dal Shabet’s agency commented, “Since Konkuk University got rid of their special admission process for those who has experiences working in the entertainment industry and/or won awards in the industry, Soobin had to apply to the program just like other regular applicants and go through the process with them. As she’s been accepted without any special treatment or brownie points, we are very proud of this.” 

This representative added, “Soobin will talk to her parents about her academic career and choose one of the two schools she’s been accepted to. She originally planned to take the College Scholastic Aptitude Test, but since she’s been already accepted to schools, she decided not to go through with the aptitude test.” 

Meanwhile, Dal Shabet is planning on revealing the jacket pictures from their new upcoming album on November 6.