Jewelry Cheers for Students Taking 2012 College Scholastic Aptitude Exam

On November 5, Jewerly uploaded a series of pictures on their official Me2Day and commented, “D-3, Are you nervous? Jewerly is cheering for you for the 2012 College Scholastic Aptitude Exam. Don’t be nervous, we wish you the best of luck. Fighting!” 

The revealed photos show each member of Jewelry with different signs that read, “Do well, Solve (problems) well, Choose (the right answer) well, and There will not be a second time for you!” Each message included funny drawings such as mirror, toilet paper, fork, and so on. 

Netizens commented on Jewelry’s cheerful message, “Thanks to Jewelry’s cheerful messages, I have a feeling that I’m going to do well on my college entrance exam,” “Did they draw and write these themselves? I can feel the love and effort,” and “Let’s go Jewelry! Let’s go all students!” 

Meanwhile, Jewelry released new mini album “Look At Me” on October 11.