Song Joong Ki Almost Fell Backwards Off Stairs During Kiss Scene with Moon Chae Won

The behind-the-scenes story between Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki‘s intense kiss scene from “Nice Guy” has been revealed!

On November 5, a post was made on the “Nice Guy” official homepage forum with the title, “Heart Fluttering Kiss Scene Between Eunki and Maru in Front of Police Station” along with a short clip.

In the clip, Song Joong Ki is getting ready for his kiss scene with Moon Chae Won where he loses his balance and almost falls off the stairs. Moon Chae Won quickly grabbed Song Joong Ki’s shoulders to avoid a dangerous accident.

As soon as the filming started, the two started to kiss when Song Joong Ki lost his balance again. Fortunately, Song Joong Ki safely took a step down due to his great body coordination. This kiss scene was aired on the October 31 episode, which earned a hot response from viewers.

On November 7, the 17th episode of “Nice Guy” will air as Moon Chae Won finally recovers her memory and plans her revenge toward Song Joong Ki.