Jung Il Woo’s Fan Meeting in Taiwan Sold Out in 4 Minutes

Jung Il Woo‘s first fan meeting in Taiwan was completely sold out 4 minutes into its ticket sales. “Promise of First Snow,” Jung Il Woo’s first fan meeting in a Chinese-speaking country, will be held at Neo Studio in Taiwan on December 8. Fans were lined up in front of the ticket sales machine 7-Eleven Ibon even before the dawn to get tickets to this event.

Originally, Jung Il Woo wanted a small scale fan meeting with only about 600 people in the audience. He explained, “I want to stay closer to my fans who has been waiting for a very long time for this moment.” However, the tickets were sold out within the first four minutes and many fans couldn’t even go near the ticket vending machine despite the long wait since before the dawn. They continuously inquired about any additional tickets or fan meetings to the sponsoring company. 

Jung Il Woo’s Taiwanese promoter commented, “Since there were so many fans who couldn’t get a ticket, we have been getting inquiries about additional fan meetings continuously for the past two days. As a result, we have decided to add a second session to this event. We expect the same result as the first round with the second round of the ticket sales.”

The second round of ticket sales for Jung Il Woo’s upcoming fan meeting in Taiwan will be conducted through 7-Eleven Ibon, starting on November 9 at 12:30pm. Jung Il Woo will be meeting approximately 1200 fans through his first fan meeting in Taiwan, “Promise of First Snow”