Song Hye Gyo’s Baby Photos Prove Her Innate Beauty

Recently, several online community pages have been revealing several youth pictures of actress Song Hye Kyo and titled them, “Song Hye Kyo’s Past.”

Her pictures were not deceitful and showed that with her round forehead, big and thick eyelids, sharp nose, and porcelain skin, Song Hye Kyo is indeed entitled to be named as one of the most beautiful women of the Korean entertainment industry. The actress thus earned the nickname “Motae Beauty,” in which the word “motae” means “from birth” in Korean.

People who saw the pictures commented, “She is so pretty,” “She’s really the best,” and “If she was just a bit taller, she would have become the biggest Asian superstar.”

Song Hye Kyo will soon appear in both small and big screens with her comeback in the KBS drama “That Winter, the Wind Blows” and in the Hong Kong action movie “The Grandmasters.”