“Nice Guy’s” Lee Yoo Bi Looks Just a Tad Different in Past Pictures

Actress Lee Yoo Bi, the well-known character “Kang Choco” in the KBS2 drama “Nice Guy,” seemingly did not look like she does now a few years ago. On a recent online community page, some past pictures of the actress were revealed, and contrary to her present chic and slim figure, she was rather just a bit chubby during her school days. Still, she looked sweet and many of the netizens seemed to agree as upon viewing the pictures, they commented, “Those pictures are different from her current image but she was still so cute,” “You lost a lot of weight,” “It’s a bit surprising but she was still adorable back then.”

Lee Yoo Bi is the daughter of distinguished actress Gyun Mi Ri who is also recognized for her gorgeous beauty as well as for her proficient acting skills. Lee Yoo Bi graduated from Ewha Women’s University with a degree in vocal music.