Kara’s Goo Hara Glows without Makeup

Pictures of “Kara’s” member Goo Hara without any makeup are attracting a lot of attention. Recently on an online community bulletin, Goo Hara’s picture under the title “Goo Hara before and after makeup comparison” was posted.

In the picture is Goo Hara who appeared on KBS’s “Star Interview – Kara” that aired in October. She, without any makeup, is practicing her choreography with the rest of the “Kara” members. Without even the basic BB cream, Goo Hara’s skin is flawless. She looks younger than when she is wearing makeup.

Her fans who saw these pictures admired, “She looks so girly and cute,” “I can’t believe how small her head is, “The other members must be jealous.”

Meanwhile, Kara is to become the first ever Korean girl group to have an independent concert in the Tokyo Dome on January 6, 2013.