PSY Joins 20,000 Fans in Paris for “Gangnam Style” Flash Mob

On November 5, more than 20,000 fans gathered at the Trocardo Square in front of the Eiffel Tower for a special “Gangnam Style” flash mob. The event was organized by the French radio channel, NRJ, and PSY was offered a personal jet to travel from Las Vegas to Paris to join the special occasion.

According to local reports, more than 20,000 fans went crazy after seeing PSY’s unexpected appearance on stage. PSY, likewise, expressed his excitement over the massive turn out as he greeted the fans. He said, “Do you know my name?” and after the crowd screamed his name, PSY asked, “Are you ready?” to start his “Gangnam Style” performance.

Thousands of fans held up their smartphones to film the surprise event while they also sang and danced along the Korean musician. PSY also snapped a photo of the massive crowd and put it up on his Twitter, sharing the special moment with thousands of his fans.

PSY is scheduled to hold a press conference with over 80 French media outlets before moving on to the UK and Germany. During his stay in the UK, he will also give a lecture for Oxford University students.

Check out a fan-cam video of the flash mob below!