Join KTO’s New Giveaways and Make Your K-Tour Dreams Come True!

The Korea Tourism Organization (hereafter the KTO) has launched two new services called “K-Tour” and “K-Spot” on its official website, buzz KOREA, in order to provide tourism tips and information to people visiting Korea. Both services include photos from last June’s “Touch Korea Tour” event, featuring 2PM and miss A, and allows users to directly upload content on to the site, making it an active user-generated page.

The “K-Spot” section comes with a list of all the major tourist spots in Korea. Alongside the basic information of each tourist destination, it also has a user review section, allowing users to freely exchange their opinion and information of each spot. The “K-Tour” section gives the users the option of creating their own travel plan in Korea, providing useful information to anyone planning to visit Korea in the future. In addition, both services are available through buzz KOREA’s mobile application, and travelers will be able to find and share information with ease.

But that’s not it – KTO is also running two special giveaways to celebrate the launch of the “K-Tour” and “K-Spot” services! Running for 20 days, from November 5 to November 25 (KST), any user that submits their own unique “K-Tour” plan will be eligible to join the “Make Your K-Tour Dreams Come True” campaign and win a free round trip ticket to Korea!

But if you’ve already been to Korea, you can choose to join the “Your Best Moments in Korea” event instead! For those who upload their own photos and travel tips on “K-Spots” will win a chance to receive a Samsung 9 Series Laptop or a Samsung Galaxy Note, so make sure you try your luck there!

Visit the new buzz KOREA page here and join the “Make Your K-Tour Dream Come True” giveaway or the “Your Best Moments in Korea” giveaway here!