Han Seung Yeon’s Different Hair Parting Selcas

Kara’s Han Seung Yeon showed off her new skills of parting hair.

On November 6, Han Seung Yeon uploaded two pictures on Twitter along with a message, “It’s early in the morning and I’ve been playing the game of parting my hair differently. By the way, check out the dark circles under my eyes. Haha. I have developed a bad habit of going to bed late. It’s a big problem! But then, who cares!”

In the first picture is Han Seung Yeon with her hair parted in the midline, and the second picture shows Han Seung Yeon with side parting in 2:8 ratios. Just as she pointed out, her dark circles are prominent in both pictures.

Netizens who saw these selcas replied, “Even without any makeup, you look like a goddess. But the dark circles…,” “Could you teach me how to part my hair like yours?”

Meanwhile, after finishing Kara’s recent international schedule, Han Seung Yeon has comeback as a MC for SBS’s “TV Animal Farm.” On her first return episode, she made a statement, “After the busy schedule, I have developed a problem. I am losing too much hair nowadays. I seem to lose about 20~30 strands per day. It’s like I’m shedding.”