Tablo: “My Daughter Haru Likes Psy’s Music More Than Mine”

On November 5, celebrity couple Tablo and Kang Hye Jung appeared on SBS “Healing Camp” to talk about their love story and life together. In this episode, the couple revealed a video clip of their daughter Haru for the first time. 

The revealed video clip shows Haru, who shows remarkable resemblance to both of her parents, being excited and happy to see her dad on TV. Kang Hye Jung testified that Haru’s Tablo’s biggest fan by confirming that such excitement is a regular thing. She commented, “When Tablo comes on TV, Haru repeats only that part over and over again.” 

However, Tablo complained that he has to share Haru’s excitement and love with someone else–Psy. He said, “Haru likes Psy’s songs more than my music. She asks me to play Psy’s songs while listening to mine.” 

Also on this episode, Tablo thanked Kang Hye Jung for letting him come back to music. When he did not have an agency, Kang Hye Jung introduced Tablo to her agency’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk, who took him in under his wings and allowed Tablo’s music to bloom once again. Tablo commented, “If I didn’t marry my wife, I would have never been able to go through such tough time by myself.”