Rainbow’s Jae Kyung Has a Face Smaller Than a Cookie

Girl group “Rainbow’s” Kim Jae Kyung showed off her tiny face.

On her Twitter in the afternoon of November 6, Jae Kyung uploaded a photo along with a message, “Playing hide and seek behind a giant cookie. Tada! Doesn’t it look delicious! Haha!”

In the picture is Jae Kyung looking into the camera with a giant cookie. Her face is so small that it appears to be smaller than the cookie.

Netizens who was this picture admired, “Is it the cookie that is huge? Or is her face really that small?” “Big cookie,” “Hope you got back safely from the jungle.”

Meanwhile, Jae Kyung has visited the jungle in Papua New Guinea on October 22 with Jo Hye Ryun, Jung Joo Ri, Lee Soo Kyung, and Joan for SBS’s reality show “Laws of the Jungle W.” She returned safely on November 1.