Block B Visits Malaysia for “2012 H-Artistry”

On November 3, Block B was featured in “2012 H-Artistry” in Malaysia. They performed “Nillili Mabmbo” and “No Joke” and brought the house down. Even though Block B’s first regular album “Blockbuster” was released only a couple weeks ago in Korea, fans in Malaysia sang along with Block B without much trouble, showing their excitement for the group. 

Moreover during this event, Block B presented a collaboration stage with English R&B artist, Alexandra Burke. Without a question, it was surely the hottest stage of the night. Alexandra Burke was dressed in white and presented a black-and-white contrast as Block B was dressed in block. Together, they performed Kanye West and Rihanna‘s “All Of The Lights.” 

Meanwhile, Block B made a comeback with “Nillili Mambo” after 8 months of hiatus. They are currently promoting their first regular album “Blockbuster” in Korean and overseas markets simultaneously.