DBSK’s Changmin Carries Around Thread, Needle, Wine Opener?

On the latest episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart,” DBSK‘s Changmin had a show-and-tell where he revealed the contents of his all-purpose backpack.

Super Junior‘s Yesung pointed out Changmin’s peculiar habit when he shared, “Recently, the entire agency including artists went on a retreat. I had an embarrassing moment where I could not open a bottle of wine, but out of nowhere Changmin supplied me with a wine bottle opener from his all-purpose backpack.”

Changmin began his show and tell by introducing his backpack as also his laundry bag for clothing he had to wash while staying abroad. The first item he brought out for everyone to see was some garlic juice for maintaining his health, bandages, some thread and a needle. They were all unconventional items that you would not find in an ordinary backpack. 

“I always make sure to carry bandages in case I become injured while practicing dance choreography. The thread and needle are not only useful for mending torn clothing but for piercing my finger when I have indigestion, to let the bad blood out,” he explained.