Who Wore it Better: BoA vs. Yubin

On November 6 on an online bulletin board, a picture under the title, “BoA and Yubin in the same dress” was posted. In the picture is Boa and “Wonder Girls’” Yubin wearing a same reddish one-piece mini dress with a zipper in the middle and a geometric pattern.

BoA wore this dress for the pictorial on the fashion magazine “Nylon” in June 2012. With her bright red lips and long wavy black hair, BoA looks mature and sexy. On the other hand, Yubin wore the same dress when she performed “Like This” on KBS’s “Music Bank.” Unlike BoA, Yubin accessorized with a cute yellow hairband, pink bracelet, and colorful running shoes. She looks girly and cute.

Netizens who saw these pictures replied, “Yubin’s hip line looks amazing in that dress,” “BoA’s face is prettier, but Yubin’s body looks better in the dress,” “It’s the same dress but they look so different.”

Meanwhile, BoA will be one of the judges on SBS’s audition show “KPop Star 2,” which will air its first episode on November 18. As for Yubin, she recently appeared as a guest on SBS’s reality show “Running Man.”