Psy Texts Military Advice to Leeteuk

Now an international star, PSY reveals that he still remains in contact with his fellow Korean stars during important career transitioning moments like being drafted in the military, despite his busy schedule. 

 On the November 6 episode of SBS‘s “Strong Heart“, Leeteuk who is days away from enlisting to the army sent a mass group text message to his fellow celebrity stars which read, “I am going to miss you.” He then shared these responses on the show which provided much laughter. 

PSY was the first to respond with a text message saying, “The army can be a fun place to be. Before you go, I recommend you stuff yourself with Chinese food, fried chicken and any greasy foods you’re going to miss while you’re away. Sweet stuff too. If you have any questions or things you’re curious about, feel free to call me anytime.”

Leeteuk also received other text message responses on the show that ensued hilarity in the studio. Narsha texted back, “I will miss you. I love you, Jung Soo.” And Han Jung Soo sent a message saying, “I am sorry. I understand your feelings but you are not my type. I hope you meet a nice man.”