Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung’s Dances For DHC Korea

 Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung has been garnering a lot of attention online for her new promotional clip on Youtube for DHC KOREA‘s limited edition cleansing oil. In a special collaboration with Disney, DHC Korea recruited Kang Min Kyung to be the face of their new product in celebration of their tenth anniversary.

 She goes on to introduce the viewers to the fun, playful and liveliness of using the new cleansing oil by choreographing a whimsical dance for viewers to enjoy and get a feel for the concept of the new product. This adorable and sexy side of Kang Min Kyung was welcomed by netizens who were only accustomed to seeing her often serious and melancholic side from singing dramatic and sad ballads on stage. 

Netizens commented with, “It’s a little bit awkward to see her dance, but she’s adorable all the same”. “Whether it be acting, singing or dance- she can do anything!” and “I can’t stop watching!”

Although it has only been a week since DHC Korea’s promotional clip featuring Kang Min Kyung was uploaded on Youtube- it has over 300,000 views and the number continues to climb.