Son Dam Bi Releases Video Teaser for “Dripping Tears”

Singer Son Dam Bi released a video teaser for “Dripping Teaser” from her upcoming 4th mini-album.

On November 6, Pledis Entertainment released the teaser on their official youtube channel. The teaser starts off dramatically with strings seemingly to rise tonally continuously, deep bass and loud brass to magnify a loud aural spectrum and rhythmic drums to keep the anticipation going. Then what seems like the actual song starts with a piano and rain drops creating a hollow effect as contrast. The visuals are stunning as well, with fast cuts of various images and follows the same contrast as its musical counterpart. As the piano hits and other instruments drop out, we see a longer shot of Son Dam Bi in pale clothes.

A representative from the company explained, “To produce the best quality, Son Dam Bi was heavily involved and looked over every single cut while filming. The music video has been edited to keep the viewers glued onto the sensual story and emotional melody.”

It’s been revealed that Son Dam Bi will release her 4th mini-album on November 12.

Soompiers, do you think this will follow the trend of “teaser twists”?