Kim Hee Sun Looks Gorgeous at Cosmopolitan Asian Beauty Awards

Kim Hee Sun looked stunning at the “Cosmopolitan Asian Beauty Awards.”

Actress Kim Hee Sun was recognized as the most beautiful icon at the ninth annual “Cosmopolitan Asian Beauty Awards 2012” held in Shanghai. This large scale event has been sponsored by many famous Chinese make-up brands and entertainment agencies. The beauty trophy is awarded to a celebrity who has outstanding fashion-sense and overall beauty.

The actress appeared on the stage with a golden lace dress and a fancy black shawl around her shoulder. As Kim Hee Sun walked on the stage, everyone was amazed by her fascinating looks.

Kim Hee Sun’s agency said Kim Hee Sun will make her comeback in China through a new movie. The celebrity’s Chinese fans were very excited over the news. 

Netizens commented, “Is that a see-through dress?” “She’s absolutely stunning,” and “I thought she was all washed up, but guess not!”