President of Berklee College Cites PSY’s Lack of Attendance as His Secret to Success

Roger J. Brown, president of Berklee College of Music, revealed that PSY’s lack of attendance was one of the secrets to his success. Brown made an appearance on tvN’s “Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside” yesterday night and talked about PSY, “Gangnam Style” and K-Pop. 

Brown started, “He apparently didn’t study all that hard,” referring to PSY’s confession during a conference where he said he only went to class five times. He then surprised everyone by saying, “That’s part of the secret at Berklee. A lot of the learning happens in the classroom, but a lot of the learning happens outside the classroom.”

Brown continued, “It’s really the students jamming with each other and practicing together and listening to each other. The exposure of a Korean musician meeting a musician from Brazil, meeting a musician from Egypt, and that’s when people get big ideas. So I think, even though PSY wasn’t doing his homework, I think in a way he was doing the work it took to become the artist he is”