Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Discloses Super Junior’s Leeteuk’s Weird Action at SM Vacation Party

Super Junior’s Leeteuk invited the singers of SM Entertainment on a trip outside of Seoul before he joins the military.

On November 6, Yoona made a surprise appearance on SBS’s talk variety show “Strong Heart” to the delight of many male celebrities at the studio. This episode is a special segment titled “Goodbye Leeteuk.”

Yoona mentioned,” Since Leeteuk said that he’ll be going to the military since a year ago, I asked him several times when he’ll go. Now, he’s really going.”

When the MCs asked if Yoona also attended Leeteuk’s goodbye vacation party, Yoona said yes and mentioned, “One unfortunate thing was that Leeteuk didn’t really participate in the party. We all split up and chat after we ate and I didn’t see Leeteuk oppa anywhere. He’s the one who invited everyone to ‘come, come,’ but it turned out that he was in a room by himself watching the TV.”

He explained, “I prepared a special corner at the party with gifts as rewards, but one of our choreographers came prepared as the DJ and people ended up dancing for 3 hours. People were so into it. I didn’t think there was room for me to join.”

Meanwhile, Yoona also gifted him with a signed Girls’ Generation CD with parting words, “Leeteuk wasn’t just a leader of Super Junior, but made a big impact at our company. Who can take his place? I’m worried.”